Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Celebrate Raw Hair

Here is something for all of you who love your natural hair. I call it my Raw Hair series.

As an artist, naturally I needed some artsy way to express my views on the topic of natural vs. permed hair.

I have been thinking of doing a series like this for a while. I played around with different styles and mediums to see what would look best. I realized that I had to stop thinking about it and just make some pieces. After I create them and post them I think of new ways to get my message across. So look for different messages or the same message presented in different ways.

I made them so they can be put on note cards and worn as T shirts.

So far there are just a few on my site,
As I make more I will let you know.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Thoughts on Dead Dreads

This is my hair, as you can see. As you can also see, it is not attached to my head any more. It is the proverbial bag of hair that some people are accused of being as dumb as.

Perhaps I have stressed over too many woes. I do have a tendency lately, to sweat the small stuff. Perhaps I have not taken care of it properly. Perhaps it is the normal order of things: to lose a few dreads once in a while.

Whatever the reason, here they lay, waiting for my loctition to re-attach them.

I have often wondered what the conversation would be like if I sent some of my hair into a forensics lab to have it evaluated. What if I was at a crime and left some of my hair. Would they be able to determine my sex, age and race? Would they take one look and say, “Elementary, my dear Watson,” or would they be left scratching their heads? If I sent in an entire dread it would probably be a sure giveaway. But if I sent just a few unlocked hairs…. What if I sent in a permed hair, or if I dyed it and then sent it in. What then? Would they ever guess it was a dyed permed hair from an albino Black female?

These are the serious world matters I contemplate. I’m not going to lose any hair over it.