Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hair decorations part 1

A few days ago I got a set of ornaments for my hair.

I learned a couple of lessons: If your hair is blond, don’t buy gold or brown ornaments. Of course, some may argue with that but for me it’s not a good idea: obviously because the colors get lost in my hair.

Now gold jewelry looks good on my skin, as does silver: but it must be bold. I simply don’t look good with tiny delicate jewelry. The same goes for my hair. So I learned a double lesson.

Many years ago I was on a handmade necklace kick so I bought hundreds of beads. I made a few necklaces but after a while I found I preferred to string beads on journals, cards and tree and wall ornaments. I also find that some of them are too large and heavy to hang in my hair.

I bought the hair ornaments anyway because I wanted to show some love to another crafts person and I also wanted to know how other people would fashion pieces that could be applied into hair. These particular pieces are made with a wire that flexes so you can twist it into the lock

About two years ago I bought a decoration that consisted of feathers and a leather wolf emblem. (I have adopted the wolf as my spirit guide animal) This is very light and large enough to be seen. I also bought a little while back, a woven ornament that can be easily seen in my hair. These are the kinds of things I like. Both ornaments have ties instead of wire.

I am looking for more pieces that either tie or have a tiny clip. I don’t know if such clips exist. I hope someone invents one.

I also have a few cuffs that slip onto the dread. I love these. The trouble is, though, I would not put them on and take them off too often. I am afraid of doing damage to the locks. I am not comfortable with washing my hair when it is full of decorations so I have decided to put them on for certain occasions.

I will have to see what twisting and untwisting the wire decorations will do to the jewelry. I think it might be fun to tie them together. That gives me a bolder look.

As I write this I am waiting for some pony tail ties to arrive. Once they come I can say good-by to using shoestrings to tie my hair back.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I have to brag a little on my consultant. I actually like the title "locktition" but that’s not what natural hair dressers call themselves.

It’s like this. There were a lot of legal battles a few years back and The Man tried to shut Sisterlocks, braiders and all natural hair professionals down. They didn’t win. As a result, one of the ways to get around the legal system is to call themselves consultants. That’s all fine and good, but I use the word loctitian because I can’t get in trouble for doing so.

Anyway, my loctitian has invented a cute little sponge roller that is now being sold on TV. It’s called the Lock Loop. I think it’s ingenious although I don’t use them. I like my hair to hang straight down my back. Sometimes I tie it back to keep it out of my face and my food.

If and when I decide to curl my hair I will use nothing other than these. I remember when I used to spend agonizing nights and embarrassing days in rollers. I have always hated rollers of any kind. I never learned to put the rollers in straight. No matter how I tried, the rollers wound up looking like drunken solders on my head. These little spongy things should end that for me. As far as I can see, they don’t have to be lined up straight.

A couple of years ago she put on a fashion show and to publicize her new invention she put them around on people’s chairs and a few of the tables. I still have the few I picked up. As an artist I could probably use them in an art project. Don’t tell her I said that.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Hair Journey

It must have started before I even realized what was happening. I began to grow tired of what was being done to my hair. I won't go into details now but I will say that at the age of 49 it was time for a change.

I decided not to let anyone put acid in my hair ever again. I went around with an afro for many months, then I bought braids that didn't match my natural hair color.

After lots of research I decided on Sisterlocks. It took two women 15 hours to get it all done. I went through what I called my Buckwheat days:

Looking at my pictures you must notice that I am a natural blond.

This has turned a few heads. It always has but now with my locks I wonder if their heads aren't going to swivel right off their necks.

I get odd questions: "is that a wig or a mop on your head?" "Why are you wearing that funny hat, are you going to a costume party?"

I also get lots of compliments. The hardest thing is keeping people's fingers out of my hair. But I'm sure you do too.