Sunday, April 10, 2011

Natural hair meet up

On Saturday, April 9, a small group of us natural hair folks met at the African American Resource library in the Historic Five Points Neighborhood. It was a gorgeous afternoon and these busy ladies could have been doing a heck of a lot of other things. This however was important to all of us.

After introducing ourselves we began our discussion with all things hair. We asked each other when and why we decided to go natural. We talked about attitudes of family, friends, coworkers and people on the street. We talked about our favorite You Tube hair videos, products and websites.

We talked about what it was like to be natural and free: free of nasty chemicals that smell and stain our clothes, free of trying to look “corporate” which is just another word for White. We even talked about the hair snobbery that still goes on among us naturals. True dreads vs. cultivated vs. freeform; maximum product vs. minimum product, etc. But it was all good. We agreed at the table that we all do what’s right for us.

Then the conversation relaxed into soap operas, Judge Judy and just about everything else. We had fun and laughed a lot.

Before we knew it almost three hours had flown by. The library was about to close and we had to get out of there. Just before we left I remembered my camera. What I forgot was that it had a timer. Next time I will remember and we can all get into the picture.

Darn. I also forgot to have us sing what I consider our theme song. “I Love My Hair.” Then again, I guess they would not have gone for that.

Since I don’t yet know who is whom I will just post this picture of these energetic and dynamic women and will add names later.

Those of you in the Denver metro area, join us next time. We have yet to pick a new date but don’t miss it. If you’re signed up on Meet Up dot com you will get an invitation.

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