Sunday, October 24, 2010

October rudeness

It’s that time of year again. It’s October; and I have to put up with every lame joke about my hair from every lame drunk or dumb-ass in creation.

Comments are usually something like, “Where did you buy that hat/wig?” One day I passed a woman who asked me if I was wearing a mop on my head.

Yesterday I was going to an art and poetry event with a friend. I was telling her about the stupid comments I endure, especially in October. She chuckled but I don’t think she really believed that people actually said those things.

On the way to the event she stopped to pick up another of her friends; someone I had never met. When the friend got in the car we greeted each other. Then she said, “I see you are all ready for Halloween.”

Our mutual friend informed her that this was my real hair. The friend said a few other stupid things that aren’t worth repeating.

Once the event was over and my friend and I were again alone in the car I turned to her and simply said, “I told you.” She had to admit that she would never have expected her otherwise intelligent and well mannered friend would be that stupid.

But as I said, I get this ignorance all the time.

I was telling another friend that although I usually laugh it off, I sometimes get annoyed at people. Her advice was to just cut it off. That, she said, would solve the problem. That’s as dumb as the goons who make the comments or ask the questions. Is everyone insane?


  1. Cut it off!!!!! Is she mad?????? What a thoughtless thing to say.........some people unfortunately dont engage their brain before they put their mouths in gear.

    Hang on in there sis!

  2. Thanks, Nubian!.

    You just have to wonder at some folks.